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Security System
Security Systems

The importance of a home security system can't be denied in this day and age. We live in a time where we we need added peace of mind. Thankfully, C&R Systems is your local industry leader who specializes in the design and installation of security systems. From keypads, window/door sensors, motion detectors, smoke alarms to surveillance systems. C&R Systems can take care of all your home security needs.


Worried about strangers loitering around the neighborhood? Wondered if the kids are okay when home alone? These doubts and fears can be laid to rest. Our technology consultants here at C&R Systems will work to find a custom tailored solution to your security needs. Start having peach of mind and call your C&R Systems representative today.

Cellular/Interactive Services

With more and more people moving away from traditional land line phones to cell phones we have seen a major shift away from using the landline phone to cellular for central station communications. This shift happens when a C&R technician installs a device called a cellular module that allows for all communication to occur wire free. 


A major benefit of cellular communication is the abitlity to now control the alarm using an app on a smartphone or using a browser on a computer. Have you ever had a guest visiting from out of town waiting at your front door to get access into your home? These situations can easily be solved with the powerful controls at your fingetips provided in our alarm apps. 

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