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Home Control
Home Control

One of the most exciting products we offer is Control4 home control. Control4 brings sanity to all the electronic devices in the home. With one unified interface you can control TVs, music, security systems, lighting, thermostats, garages, locks, cameras, intercom, gates, and more! Whats best is that Control4 is ready to work with the brand names you love like Nest, Kwikset, Sony, Apple, Sonos, and others


Simply open an app on your smart device or pickup a Control4 remote and with a few taps you can pull up any room in your house to cue up a show, adjust the lights, change the temperature, and lock up the house while you nestle down in your bed. Life unified, simplified, magnified all with Control4 and C&R Systems.



Lighting Control

A major benefit of having a control system is the ability to control lights from a smart device. Unlike some smart lights that have the intelligence built into the light bulb, our lighting control switches allow you to control all the lights tied to that switch. Taking things a step further we can load special programming into a light switch. Who wouldn't want to tap a light switch in a family room that can not only turn on the the lights, but it can cue up the TV to ESPN, and set the volume. 


C&R has solutions to help solve lighting headaches. Many customers request an all off button near their bed so they can turn off the lights without having to walk around the house. Another pain point in big rooms are large banks of light switches. Four or six switches together can look unsightly and become unmanagable. Why not install a scene switch instead? Scene switches will remove the clutter and tie up all the lighting in one place. Our customers love lighting control and thats why it is the most common go back item requested. 

HVAC Control

Home control doesn't just need to be practical it can also be beautiful and cost saving. C&R can integrate your home control system with a variety of smart thermostat brands. These newer generation of thermostats connect to your home's wifi and in turn connect to your Control4 system.


How about a thermostat that knows when you are home? C&R offers thermostats that can detect your presense and turn on/off based upon your movement alone. 


What's best is you can have all of this while being more efficient with your energy use since these thermostats have a variety of energy saving features like Auto-Away, Auto-Schedule, Time-to-Temp, Early-On, Sunblock, Airwave, and more.

Home Communication
Home Communication

The future is here. Our door station delivers an amazing audio and HD video intercom experience, enabling customers to monitor and communicate with the front door or their security gate. Combined with Control4 touch screens, customers enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind throughout the home.


Touchscreens have never been so powerful. Simply adding a touschreen to a room provides the capability have video communication, and quick access to all other devices controlled in the home. 

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