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Camera use has exploded among both our residential and commerical customers. This in large part is due to lowered cost and high definition quality images that are viewble from an app on a smart phone. The populairty of cameras has also led to a lot of choices and sometimes confusion in the marketplace. There are a host of inexpensive and poorly made cameras that have left some with a bad experience.


Did you know C&R has a test bench for cameras? Anytime a new model is introduced we put that camera through its paces for technical interoperability, picture quality, and weatherization. A call to C&R can take the guess work away and ensure proper installation to ensure years of use. Ask our sales rep about our covert DVR enclosures that keep your footage safe during break-ins. 

Music Servers

The internet has changed how music is delivered. Most C&R Systems designs feature streaming service exclusively as a means selecting music. Our customers love being able to simply search from millions of songs and play on demand.


Our partners, Sonos and Autonomics, support streaming from some of the most popular streaming services. Some examples are: Pandora, Rhapsody, Apple, Spotify, Sirius/XM, TuneIn, and more.

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