Structured Wiring/
Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the foundation from which media is delivered in the modern home. A well designed home will facilitate distribution of computer networking, multiple phone lines, wireless internet, cable/satellite, video surveillance, digital music, and photos. This wiring backbone consists of category cable (Cat5e, Cat6), coaxial cable (RG6), and fiber.


Have you ever wanted to print from anywhere in the home? Watch a slide show from your latest vacation on your TV? Check on the pool from your bedroom TV? Allow C&R Systems to demonstrate what technologies are important to your family’s lifestyle. Call your C&R Systems representative today and one of our expert technology consultants will get you started.  


We get so many calls from customers experiencing poor wireless coverage. Wifi coverage seems like such a trivial matter, but when you think about it, it is at the heart of our modern lives. Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops depend on it. Many cellular carriers now offer the ability to use wifi as a means of overcoming poor cellular coverage. 


C&R offers the latest in wireless products that allow for one shared SSID in the home with multiple wireless nodes to blanket your environment with internet connectivity. Let C&R handle the behind the scenes magic. You can move about your home from one place to another and seemlessly hop between these wireless nodes while never noticing a thing. We can even get you wifi coverage outside all while keep you secure and headache free.


Of course behind the scenes of any good wireless network is a well designed hard wired infrasture with rock solid switches and router. All of this brought to you by brands like Netgear and Ubiquiti that bring the perfect mix of performance and value.