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In Wall/In Ceiling Speakers

Speakers are meant to be heard, not seen. C&R specializes in installing speakers that are built into the ceiling or wall. All of the interior speakers we offer feature bezeless design with a magnetic grille to help transition the speaker into the surround space with the least amount of offense.


Sound quality is not taken lightly at C&R. Did you know C&R's speaker partners, Revel and Sonance, use real engineering to design their speakers. Unlike other brands that use off the shelf components and guess work in their design, our partners use the latest technologies including anechoic chamber to ensure the best sound performance.

Music Servers

The internet has changed how music is delivered. Many C&R Systems designs feature streaming service exclusively as a means selecting music. Our customers love being able to simply search from millions of songs and play on demand.


Our partners, Sonos and Autonomics, support streaming from some of the most popular streaming services. Some examples are: Pandora, Rhapsody, Apple, Spotify, Sirius/XM, TuneIn, and more.

Outdoor Audio

We are happy to live in Southern California where the sun shines and we can enjoy the oudoors most of the year. We have been making the outdoors an extension of indoor living for decades now. Fortunately, as time has gone on, we have so many great outdoor speaker products to choose from.


Some installs will benefit from the traditional wall mount patio speakers. These speakers have a weatherproof enclosure and fill a space as they aremounted high and project sound out (Speakercraft - OE Series). Other applications, where clients demand a more even listening level, will benefit from landscape speakers that look like landscape lighting. With this design multiple speakers are installed throughout landscaping to ensure there are no dead spots (Sonance - SLS Series). Landscape speakers in most cases should be partnered with an underground subwoofer. When finished, all you will see is the subwoofer's mushroom cap coming out of the ground.


Each outdoor space is unique, so be sure to consult with a C&R sales representative for your best options.

Dedicated Theater Rooms

The ultimate in audio/visual entertainment can be found in a C&R designed dedicated theater room. These spaces offer an escape and experience that leave the movie theater to shame. Forget the sticky floors and poor sight lines, a C&R theater can ensure you get the best seat in the house every night in the comfort of your pajamas. 


As you talk to talk a C&R representative we can find a way to fit your specific design requirements with the look of speakers, lighting, screen size, and budget. Large projection screens with speakers hidden behind, allow for our customers to be fully emmersed in the movie experience. Sound details come naturally from the talking heads on the screen, planes come screaming from behind the rear of the room, all due to a balanced and thought out speaker selection and placement.


Go ahead, you deserve it. Enjoy the video and sound from the best brands on the market (Stewart Filmscreen, JVC, Epson, Revel, Sonance, Middle Atlantic, Integra, and more).

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