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In May of 1981, with just two employees, Bob Cross opened the doors of C&R Systems, offering only wiring for phone and TV. Many people ask "Where did C&R gets its name?" The "C" stands for Commercial and the "R" is for Residential.


In 1987, Bob changed the company's focus to encompass the exploding technology available for new residential construction. By adding Intercom, Security, Central Vacuum, Whole House Audio, and Surround Sound Systems, C&R held true to Bob's vision of the future for the residential low-voltage industry. Entering the 1990's, with the introduction of the internet, structured wiring, home computers, and residential integration, homeowners not only wanted these items in their new homes, they demanded them! C&R Systems helped create the demand for structured wiring by educating both the building industry and the homebuyer. Now in the 21st Century Home Control, Cameras, and Smart Phones are becoming common- place. These technologies were once available only to the very few who could afford them. That is no longer the case. 


Today C&R boasts a family of employees that spans through out Southern California and beyond.  We at C&R share a common goal of making "Technology Easier for You". C&R Systems is committed to offering both the most reliable and highest quality products matched with the technical support that you expect from the best.


Technology….Easier for You

About Us

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